January 13, 2007 at 7:51 pm (art, personal)

I had an epiphany this afternoon, leaving MOMA with Jeff…

I’m buying some big fucking canvases and some oil paint. Jesus, it’s time. I’m pretty certain I can paint at SVA when all the students have gone home, thus eliminating every practical reason I have for not doing it (with the exception of the cost of supplies, but I just have to suck that up and deal).

I’ve always talked myself out of doing just this thing because I work out of my home, I don’t want to get paint on everything, there are the cats who will have a field day with the tiniest dab of wet oil paint, and blah blah blah. But something today hit me over the head: I feel like I’m at the senior prom, and across the room there’s the boy I’ve sat behind every day for the last four years in geometry class, too afraid to speak to him. It’s now or never. I gotta make my move.

Or something like that. Point is, I have a great opportunity to snag free studio space in a gorgeous classroom in the middle of Chelsea, and if I don’t I am truly an idiot.

So… yeah. I’m blogging this so there’s no going back. Hold me to it.



  1. Andrew said,

    You know what would be really cool that they do in a lot of graduate programs? They give a studio space for a professional practcing artist with the students, calling it an artist in resident program or something like that. Apparently it’s supposed to allow the students to observe the working habits of their mentors… etc.

    I think it’d be awesome if you got a permanent studio space on the fourth floor. Or the sixth floor that has vacant spots. That way you wouldn’t have to pack up all your stuff at the end of every session. That’s just an idea.

  2. amywilson said,

    Thanks, Andrew – I totally agree. I actually just shot Gary Sherman an email asking if there’s any spare storage space anywhere, although I’m tempted to just move into the 6th floor without asking permission. Those people up there seemed nice. And all that space in such a great location? What a crime to just let it go to waste…

  3. Yadir said,

    I was at MoMa yesterday afternoon, too, having a kind of epiphany of my own!!! (Though some might say epiphany is just a euphemism for a temper tantrum of sorts, but I’m not sure if that’s quite accurate either.) I saw Manet’s Maximillian show and felt like my whole body was made out of lead. I had the hardest time just moving from piece to piece, let alone seeing the work and reading the captions. I hadn’t seen the show previously and it was particularly poignant after last year’s “imperial execution” and all that has followed.

    On a lighter note, I also saw Brice Marden taking a young guy–he looked around 14 or 15–on a private artist’s tour of his retrospective. I felt jealous but also thought, “Jeez, how much attention do you need, man?” when I saw first one, then a hoarde of people cornering him to autograph their exhibition catalogs while others ran to buy their copies lest they pass up the opportunity to get in on the action. He must have known that would be the reaction on a Saturday afternoon! Anyway, he was cheerfully walking into the Manet show with his young pupil as I was leaving it. I couldn’t help but think of how much humans yearn for recognition and immortality, no matter what the means or cost.

    What did you see? (Oh, and do you have an artist’s pass?)

  4. amywilson said,

    I actually don’t have an artist’s pass, only because I have something far, far better (prepare to be really jealous)…

    SVA extends to faculty a corporate membership to MOMA, which means that not only do I get in for free, but so do up to four of my guests. (Rumor has it that they let you take in far more than that if you try, but seriously: when do you ever go to a museum with more than four other people in tow?) We also get in free at the Whitney. It is, without a doubt, the best perk they give us.

    We went to see the Marden show. I felt like I was stranded in a Restoration Hardware catalog. I like his work less and less as the years go by – the early stuff is pretty great, but ughhhh. As it gets closer and closer to the present, I am less and less convinced of it. I am SO glad I missed seeing him in person – that would have been a little much. I wonder who the teenager was?

    Love love love your “imperial execution” comment… I totally didn’t make that connection, but of course you’re right.

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