I’d like to officially become a robot now, please.

January 15, 2007 at 8:56 pm (art, personal)

I’m sick of having a physical body. I’m ready to be a head-in-a-jar or a cyborg or whatever, just something that will buy me a few hours of peace and quiet and painting and reading without having side effects to antibiotics or excruciating pain from pulling a muscle in my shouldes and neck. I’m so sick of all this. I’m sick of waking up every morning excited to get back to work, only to find that I’m now suffering from some new malady that is kicking my ass. I’m so sick of being sick. 2007 is on my nerves and it’s only day 15.

Arghhhhhh. Things will get better, they HAVE to.

Oh and by the way: I pulled the muscle doing yoga, which was supposed to chill me out from the antibiotic side effects. Could you please shoot me now?

More work. Soon. I’m losing my mind here.



  1. Andrew said,

    Hope you feel better!

    Soon, with SecondLife taking over, your dream of no physical body will come true and you will be incorporated into the Matrix.

    It’s kind of weird how everyone is sick right now. I think I’m one of the few people who hasn’t been sick these past few weeks. (Knock on wood!) It’s weird because usually I’m the one who’s got snot pouring out of my face and am all cracked out on medicine.

    I’ll make you a talisman if you want. You probably won’t actually get it in person for a couple of weeks and by then you should be all right anyway, but I could make one for you if you want.

    Just think… if your year has started off like this, then it can only mean one thing: The rest of the year is just going to rock so hard that people on the street will ask you if you’re a rock super star!

    Feel better.

  2. amywilson said,

    after all my random ailments, i’d be a fool to say no to a talisman – so yes, of course I would love one! but if the semester is just too crazy and overwhelming and it’s just too much, i totally understand.

    thanks for your good wishes!

  3. Andrew said,

    It’s finished. I stayed up a little later than I had planned, but it’s nothing an extra cup of coffee won’t fix when I have to be functional in a few hours. What’s your box number at school? I can drop it off there.

    I would have wanted to have sculpted a personalized original, but alas… I have no access to a kiln here. But I hope you like it and that it helps!

  4. amywilson said,

    wooo! that is awesome – thank you so much! I am 31c in the West 21st street building. I really look forward to seeing it!

  5. hajime said,

    Feel better


  6. samantha jo campen said,

    Bryan sent me this and said it reminded him of me!


    I complain of that crap All. The. Time. And don’t even get me started on my daily back pain from our car accident that WASN’T EVEN OUR FAULT. Or withdrawl from meds. Or almost always having some sort of headache, dating as far back as second grade when they thought I had a brian tumor and ordered my first CAT scan. The list goes on and on and I know I’m preaching to the choir.

    So really, I’m sorry you feel sucky. I’m sending non-traumatic yoga thoughts your way.

  7. Yadir said,

    Yuck! I’m sorry to hear that you’re health is not well. I have an amazing sports medicine doctor, if you need a referral. (I believe in Western medicine.) Just let me know.

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