Kind of a random shout-out

January 16, 2007 at 11:28 pm (art, interesting, personal)

You guys have been really sweet about my incessant moaning and groaning. I’ll be fine, thank you. I just need to chill out and stop racing over to MOMA the day I feel slightly better and then getting all hyped up about making huge paintings and being a freak. I’m just really psyched to get back to working, that’s all. Laying around is so boring.

Anyway. Since I haven’t posted anything to look at in a couple of days, I thought I’d draw your attention to this guy:

They’re both for the same guy – one’s his Flickr page and one’s his Blogger page. I don’t know him at all – never met the guy, just found his work randomly a few days ago. But I think his ballpoint pen drawings are awesome. His name is Adam Padavano and he’s cool. (From what I can tell, it looks like his work is better represented by his Flickr page, just fyi.)

Anyway. I’m adding him to the blogroll and thought I’d draw your attention to his work.

Back to laying down…


1 Comment

  1. Adam Padavano said,

    Hello, thank you for shouting me out like you did. I hevent put up blue ink drawings in a while, instead using a black uniball. I am interested in knowing what places you would suggest sending my work to.

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