January 17, 2007 at 7:20 pm (interesting, personal)

People: Blogging is the greatest thing in history. Not only do I have a seemingly captive audience reading my insane ramblings day in and day out, but this very morning I discovered the most awesome necklace in my school mailbox, courtesy Andrew!!!! Thank you!! I really love it. Here’s a pic:


The pic doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s really great. I may never stop wearing it.

Honestly, when he said “talisman” I was expecting just some little thing maybe with yarn tied around it or something. But this is really above and beyond. It even includes a little bee pendant that goes really well with my bee necklace that Jeff gave me for my birthday. So… YAY! Thank you again!!

And yet more good news… the school is getting me some storage space so I can do some big paintings. I’m really excited. I should have the space by next week. Hooray!

So maybe, things are looking up!



  1. Andrew said,

    It was my pleasure making it. Hopefully it’ll help. Each of the stones was picked for its magical properties. Sounds like crazy New Age mumbo-jumbo, but people around the globe have been doing it forever… so it couldn’t hurt. Talismans, whether a ratty knotted string or rough-cut ruby, have as much power as the believer bestows upon them. But isn’t it oh so nice to wear some bling instead of some yarn! Ha ha ha.

    Anyways, thanks again for the great crit a few months ago and for sharing your life, art, and process with everyone via your blog!

    Oh, and the bee charm was made by my sisters at Green Girl Studios.

    Congratulations on the new space as well!

  2. Yadir said,

    Ooh, that is nice! (Andrew should market his stuff to Barney’s; they’d bite this bait.) I’m glad to hear things are turning around.

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