Sketchbook (1/25)

January 25, 2007 at 2:33 pm (art, interesting, personal)

I woke up this morning and got right to writing some text to give my new paintings some direction. I wound up drawing a bit, too. Anyway, I like them. They’re about this time when I half woke up from being asleep and thought I’d witnessed a nuclear blast (you know how that twilight between being awake and being asleep can screw around with your head? it was that sort of thing):







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  1. Andrew said,

    One of the unique things about my family is that we all share catastrophobia. I don’t know if it stems from our mother’s island origins, where a typhoon could very well be the end of the world… or if it was just a symptom of paranoia. It got progressively worse after September 11th. Now my sister and I will spend a few weeks out of the year canning like crazy for the impending doom.

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