This week’s project

February 18, 2007 at 4:15 pm (art, culture, drawing, life, personal)

Gah. Somehow – and I’m not really sure how it happened – another Armory Show is breathing down my neck. Am I crazy, or is this thing usually in March? No matter: it’s here next week, whether or not I want it to be.

I try to make a small, homemade edition to give away for every art fair I go to. I like giving away something for free in the middle of everyone selling such expensive things. It’s fun. I can’t really say it’s subversive or anything, but it is fun. (In order for it to be subversive, I’d have to be giving away something actually useful. This whole line of thinking eventually leads me to wonder if maybe I’d be a more popular girl at the fair if I were giving away cupcakes rather than art, but I’m going to try and delay that thought from setting in as much as possible.)

Anyway. This is what my Sunday afternoon is looking like: a sweater, a pair of scissors, tracing paper, a book on how to make pop-ups, and the dvd remote:


Oh (technically) I lie. I wasn’t watching dvds. Actually, following the instructions in the book were enough of a challenge for me without trying to get the dvd player to work. Seriously, all those tabs and folding and cutting… yikes.

So the plan is that somewhere between now and Thursday, I will have an edition of pop-ups. Maybe. A lot depends on how my printer’s doing, how much the ink costs me, how my attention span is faring, how crazy school is this week. We’ll see. Still, I like the ideas I’m coming up with…


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