I am in love with a color

February 27, 2007 at 10:48 am (art, culture, painting, personal)

Really. And as if that’s not lame enough as it is, check out the color I’m in love with:


Yup, it’s white. And not just any white: Flake White. The yummiest, most luscious white out there. And plus, it has lead in it, so it can kill you.

Beautiful but deadly: who can beat that?



  1. Yadir said,

    Beware flake white! Like most things beautiful yet deadly, it is impossible to work with and shows its transparency after a few days…Titanium white is the workhorse of whites but silver white is just divine, darling!!!

  2. Andrew said,

    Anything with lead in it is always a risk… not just health-wise either. (Chances are you won’t be sanding it down and breathing in the dust.) But look-wise, lead-based paints are the devil after long periods of time. They’re fickle like would-be lovers. Some lead whites turn black, other’s shades of yellow, and still yet others yucky gradiations in between.

    You can create the same effects using alternative pigments. Make a visit to Art Guerra Paint and Pigments in the East Village. It’ll change your life. The best paint at the cheapest price. FOR REAL!

  3. amywilson said,

    Re: the fickleness of flake white: people – i know!! i’m just using it in the tiniest amounts as a result. my dad was a painter for a while and i inherited his paints (he’s not dead, but he gave up) and a lead white was one of them. so i know all the problems it has. it just makes me feel fucking badass to have it around.

    the silver white feedback is a good tip – i very nearly bought some yesterday, and will do so tomorrow.

    titanium white is boring, but you know – it’s supposed to be boring. it’s white.

    guerra… yeah, i know. you’re right. i just have an aversion to making my own paint. it’s totally retarded and wrong and i shouldn’t feel that way. but i do.

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