Looking at: Leda and the Swan

February 27, 2007 at 6:25 pm (art, culture, interesting, life, painting, personal)


leda and the swan

leda and (yes) the swan

Out of nowhere, a swan appeared the park right near our home.

This lead to a google search for swan imagery, which lead to the above, which might have just lead to my latest obsession, just in time for spring break and a week of painting that I’m looking forward to more than I can even explain.

Swans. And teeth. Go on, do your worst on your interpretation of that, I dare you…



  1. ggwfung said,

    swans, beautiful creatures, along with peacocks. And ducks. You’re lucky.


  2. Shalimar said,

    These are really great, and i cant even begin to wrap my head around them. BTW, i like you blog. Bookmarked it. Enjoy the break.


  3. eric wood said,

    for a slightly more graphic take on the theme by painter fred einaudi:

  4. Nite said,

    I love swan and it looks beautiful, innocent and very precious for me.

  5. Nite said,

    can you tell me what the meaning of swan in your paintings, please its humble request to you

  6. John Francis Davies said,

    The swan is Zeus, the Greek God, and the woman is Leda. They make love and she gives birth to Helen of Sparta, to which she is born from an egg.

  7. melodie said,

    have you seen Sy Twombly’s Leda and the swan? can’t make head or tail of it.

  8. melodie said,

    Leonardo gives her 2 sets of twins, Castor and Pollux , Helen and Clytemnestra. And Zeus-as-swan wears an expression of great satisfaction!

  9. cygnus MacLlyr said,

    Lucky Swan…

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