March 1, 2007 at 2:16 pm (art, culture, drawing, personal)

Some months ago, I made an edition of very simple drawings bound into a book via the site It was the easiest thing in the world: I drew the pictures, uploaded the to Flickr, went over to Qoop, did the layout, and boom – four (?) books were on their way to me.

My plan was to take the simple drawings depicted on each page and then collage over them. Life/school/other projects took over, and I’m only now getting around to playing around with them.

So, for instance, here’s a pic of a page of the book sans collage:


(Nice shot of my ugly thumb, huh?)

And this is with a really simple collage:


So now, of course, I want to run out and get some much bigger books made. But it would be nice if I finished these first…

Today is the first day of my spring break. Hooray! I still have a few bits and pieces to do for school, but nothing that’s a big deal. A whole week (and almost a half!) to paint and draw and so forth… I am so happy…



  1. Andrew said,

    I like this idea very much. I think I’m going to knock you off.

  2. amywilson said,

    aw, i knew i was running that risk. rock on! i’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

  3. Phil said,

    Shoot me a note and we’ll send you a discount coupon for the new books…they look cool.

  4. amywilson said,

    aces! phil is with and they were nice enough to extend to me a 20% discount, which was totally unexpected and very cool and supportive and i appreciate it a lot. i’ll update you as soon as i get the new books in.

    in that vein…
    i love williamsburg paints, have i mentioned that recently?
    also, trader joes. and whole foods.
    and lush cosmetics. that’s in case you didn’t know.
    i also really need new shoes and yoga classes.
    amazon gift certificates go a really long way.
    ok, i’m done begging for free shit now…

  5. Andrew said,

    I used to have an “in” with the European branches of Lush. My skin was never as good as it was then. They no longer make their “draught of immortality” (though the labels always came either in French or in Italian)… very good times.

  6. Tammy Costello said,

    Hey Check Out my Web Sit. I think you will like it

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