Collage drawing, from yesterday (3/06/07)

March 7, 2007 at 11:55 am (art, culture, drawing, interesting, painting)

I really want to incorporate more collage into my work – I love the way it looks, the physicality of the layered paper, everything.


So this one is watercolor and pencil on paper with layers of tracing paper (with watercolor and pencil on it, aka the teeth) collaged on top. The tracing paper held the paint nicely, which was a surprise – I fully expected that it would fall apart or wrinkle so badly that there would be no using it. But it actually came out with a lovely surface and it’s definitely something I will try again in the future.

I like the unexpected nature of collage – the way that I had some ideas of what this was going to look like, but actually sitting there and layering the collage on top of the drawing proved to be something different.

The process that I go through in creating a drawing (and I’d imagine its the same for many) is that I think and think and think, and then I sit down and draw – meaning that by the time I’m sitting in front of the piece of paper with brush in hand, I’m in the “execution” stage, the “creative” or “imaginative” stage having already passed. Of course, there’s back and forth – as I’m trying to execute the idea I have in my head, there may be some play as new ideas pop up, but it’s often a fairly straightforward process.

With collage, there’s a new layer (ha ha!). The back and forth is much more exaggerated. The collaged bits may look totally different once I glue them down and change the drawing completely. And then I get to respond to that and change along with it; to me, it feels like there’s a shifting between the drawing being in control of me and me being in control of it. It’s great.

Anyway. I suppose at a certain point, you become so good at collage just from doing it for so long that you know exactly what the elements will look like when they’re glued down and then you lose that extra step of back and forth. But I’m not there yet.


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