Art tour? (your feedback, please)

March 23, 2007 at 11:07 am (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, personal, sculpture)

Alison and I have been talking about this for a while, ever since I saw Paperrad speak at SVA last semester: Some sort of way to take art “on tour,” like a band goes on tour; bringing art into temporary spaces like people’s homes, bookstores, etc., outside of NYC.

I’m still not 100% sure what this means. What I’ve been envisioning is a cross between a tupperware party on one end of the spectrum and a garage band playing in your basement on the other. Meaning: Either a really sedate evening of sitting around with friends, passing art around and talking about it (and trying to sell it), or a really crazy night of guerrila-style art, thrown together and everyone invited. Or a combination of the two, which actually is what I think would work best. Something that’s sort of part art, part art fair, part travelling side-show, part something else. We’d invite the neighbors, local museum people (if there is a local museum), college students, and so on.

The art we’d take with us would have to be cheap – no way in hell am I checking $5,000 paintings with my luggage. But stuff like art zines, cheap drawings, little stuff (things like my pop-up or the girls you can smash to get a drawing) would be great. People who work in DVDs and videos are perfectly suited for this – we could easily screen stuff. We could do slide presentations of friends’ art even if we can’t take their work with us physically. There’s also stuff we could do on the spot (I’m picturing a book made after the fact of, say, “A site-specific installation in Bryan Campen’s basement” or whatever) that could be assembled really cheap and torn down afterwards. Just something to stimulate a conversation about art.

This could be really fun or really hellish. But I think, at least in the beginning, it would be fun. And it can culminate in us taking over a hotel room in Miami and doing this during the fair in December – which could be terrific and an absolutely perfect place for it.

Anyway. I’m clearly getting too excited about this. But here’s what I need from you:

1. Does this sound like a good idea to you?
2. If so, do you know of a venue (your home, some other place) outside of NYC where we could do this? (In May would be great, but I’ll keep it open.)
3. Would you be interested in contributing some art?



  1. Liz said,

    I think that this would be a great idea. I would love to sell some of my work or contribute to a group work. Email me back and maybe I will have more to say…… brainfarts

  2. kurt said,

    have you been listening to fugazi too? it sounds like an awesome idea. i would be down. i’ve never heard of an art group touring like a music group. i feel like the “art tour” would work best in its first tour if it fed off a band. like a diy band goes on tour and we follow them and display our art in the space they are playing. lightning bolt is playing at 3rd ward tomorrow actually. i think it would be hard in the first go around, not so much to obtain venue space, but to actually get people to go to it other than ourselves. unless there was music. but that’s just what i think.

  3. amywilson said,

    liz: i sent you an email…

    kurt: i know what you mean. i think the key is for there to be a spectacle of some sort that people will turn out to see. i don’t think it necessarily has to be a band or music, but it also can’t be two girls with a bunch o’ art. there has to be something in between, like we’ll just have to dress up like monkeys and throw shit at each other or something, so people want to come and look. (alison is now freaking out.) but yeah: *something* that says, “show up at this time, at this place, on this date, and something special will happen that you won’t want to be left out of.” still thinking what that is…

  4. alison said,

    um, monkey shit? maybe. i love the idea of a performance or something though. or maybe something collaborative with whoever comes out to see us? i feel like collabs are kind of a big thing now, or at least there’s more interest in it. oh, and can we talk in fake accents?

  5. Andrew said,

    Sounds like a delightful idea. If you need a place to stay in Asheville, NC or Orlando, FL… I can hook you up. If you want to go anywhere, I used to do the trade show circuit, so pretty much know people in every state that would be more than happy to have you. Name a place and I’ll see what I can do.

    Having lived in the “back-waters” I know that the sheer pull of ART is enough to draw people to you. Sounds weird, but when there are hundreds of creative minds starving to see and participate, the mere mention of an art event attracts many. I used to go to shitty street fairs in the blazing hot sun because I thought I’d be involved with the arts. It’s a little bit different now that I’m bombarded with 4 million art things to do in the City.

    I don’t think you need to dress up like monkeys and throw shit at each other. Also, if you dress up like a monkey and throw shit at each other… isn’t that the same as throwing people shit at each other? Because you’re not really a monkey and I don’t know if I’m down with touching other people’s crap, personally.

  6. Andrew said,

    Actually, I KNOW I’m not down with touching or being touched by other people’s crap.

  7. Chris Carter said,

    When Pat Sonne and I first began to create Zakar Art in local bars and restaurants we thought it would catch on in a big way and that we would continue with Zakar Events at fund raisers, art openings, private parties, etc. We had hoped that Zakar ( the spontaneous inspiration of live music, movement and art) would enlighten the public and open a few doors to unleashing that creative spirit that is in all of us). For me it was thrilling. Live music taps into my creative spirit and I love painting or drawing a moving figure. It didn’t catch on the way we had imagined and hoped in terms of financially supported the effort, the gas, the time, the matting and framing of the artwork. Though “Zakar” has fallen by the wayside, I continue to keep the spirit alive by performing (painting) to live music and dancers at fund raising events and at easton yoga. I would love to get together on this and see if a different approach might be more successful. You can view some of the Zakar Art on my web site. Click on Zakar.

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