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March 27, 2007 at 11:23 am (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, personal, second life, secondlife, thoughts)

I’ve been thinking about making a travelogue of my “adventures” in Second Life. My thoughts behind this are that everything that I dislike about SL could actually be resolved in drawings of the space. They could be made more:
feminine (although I’m not even so sure what I mean about that)

…at least to me.

What’s interesting to me about this project is my reaction to the space, just like how in other work, what interests me is my reaction to politics or the news, etc. This is about injecting me into a space (SL as a whole) I see as being sterile and lifeless.

Basically, I’m a mess, and I’m just trying to bring my messiness to this clean world. This is a first, very timid step in that direction.

Anyway. Here’s the drawing:

watercolor drawing of zen center in second life

It’s of my friend Neal Nomad’s (that would be his SL name) Zen Center, one of my favorite places in SL. I want to make a little diary of all the places I go to, along with my rambling text.

If you want to see it bigger, go here.



  1. Andrew said,

    I like that idea. It’s kind of like injecting a little bit of Nature into the mechanical. Is it possible to upload your versions of SL? Like everything would look like a painter made it instead of the hard edges of a computer-generated facsimile. You could spread like a virus in the SL world. They would call you a realist or something like that.

  2. rachelcreative said,

    I just saw a 3 minute piece on TV yesterday about Second Life – the first I had heard about it – and now here’s your post šŸ™‚

    I don’t know much about it – but I know I love the drawing. I’d be happy to have this scene next door to me šŸ™‚

    I’m a fan of diaries and lately very interested in diaries which aren’t your Dear Diary norm. Sounds like an interesting and exciting project – especially for you.

  3. amywilson said,

    oh my god – rachel and andrew are the nicest people ever! thanks guys!

  4. rachelcreative said,

    TAG – you’re it!!

    I love your blog and I thought you might get something out of doing this …

    I’m tagging you to take part in an internet meme – a project to share your personal habits for your success.

    If you have the time and inclination to participate that would be great. I for one would love to read what works for you šŸ™‚

    Read more about how this project works and what to do here ->

    And you can read my top ten secrets here ->

  5. amywilson said,

    rachel – you are one of the nicest, most supportive people ever, seriously! i just so desperately don’t want to do this meme blog posting. i don’t mean that in a mean way or to snub the meme or whatever; it’s just that so much of artmaking these days has come to be about career-career-career, being perfect and strategic and etc., and i like that this is blog full of my fuck-ups, my half-finished projects, and so on. i’d feel like a total fraud if i wrote a list of what makes me successful, because i’ve been far more interested as of late in embracing the parts of me that fail miserably. i enjoyed reading your list… i just don’t really want to write up one of my own.

    but to answer your question (without really answering your question): i make art every day; i love and embrace new challenges; i have amazing friends; i take loads of prozac, see a shrink (or, um, two), do yoga, and have started drinking kombucha tea like a fiend. but mostly: i work like crazy.

  6. rachelcreative said,

    That – is a perfect response šŸ™‚

  7. kurt said,

    from a strictly aesthetic point of view, i like this ‘from life’ way of working. maybe that’s just my illustration brainwashing. but it is true that when you abstract real life images from life, it looks better than when you just make it up. i like pictures to have both rich content and rich visual candy. keep going.

  8. amywilson said,

    hey, i’m updating a pic from SL a day on flickr…

    More seedling yarn from Type A Fibers.

    it’s kinda insane the attention the images are getting.

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