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March 28, 2007 at 6:02 pm (art, culture, teaching)

Everyone’s walking around with their reg books and a dazed look in their eyes. Here is, starting with the summer, my teaching schedule for the next year. Sign up for my classes! I’d love to see you.

(All classes are at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, unless otherwise noted.)

Expressive Drawing to Music (FDC-2089A – part of the continuing education program),
Wednesdays 6-9pm, June 6th – July 18th
This is going to be a really fun class that is probably best suited for beginners, although all levels are welcome. It’s all about interpreting music through art, and I will be putting together an amazing playlist of really eclectic music. And yes, live music too! I really want this to be the perfect summer treat – hanging out in the evenings, making a huge mess, listening to music, and drawing. Yeah! Open to all!

Under the Influence (summer session) (AHC-2428A) (continuing education)
Thursdays, 6-8pm, June 7 – July 26
An abbreviated version of my Fall class on “altered states” (ie, mental/physical illness, religious visions, drug/alcohol use) and their influence on the creation of art. Open to all!

Visual and Critical Studies Workshop (SVA pre-college program)
Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm, July
This class will be an investigation into three key concepts championed in 20th century art-making practices: collage, process, and site-specificity. Every class will feature an historical lecture and discussion of some of the key figures involved in each practice, enabling the students to get a head-start on some of the grounding concepts of Modern and contemporary art. Assignments will involve a variety of media, including but not limited to: painting, drawing, design, digital photography, installation, performance, and sound. This class offers students a chance to sample a variety of different disciplines and ideologies in a hands-on manner, in the pursuit of a practice that reflects their individual interests. Open to high school students in SVA’s pre-college program.

Aldrich Museum’s “Art Daze”
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Aug. 7-9
Ok, this one isn’t at SVA. It’s at the Aldrich Museum in CT, and it’s a workshop on making pop-up books for 8-12 year olds. We’re going to be writing our life stories and then zeroing in on some key events, and illustrating them via pop-up. Open to um, 8-12 year olds.

Under the Influence (full version), Art History Department
Wednesdays, 12-3pm
See above, only this version is more expanded and in-depth. A discussion of artists that have been inspired by altered states, like Salvador Dali, William Blake, Judith Scott, and many others. Open to Sophmores, Juniors, and Seniors – but fills up really fast.

Foundation Drawing (Honors program),
Thursdays, 12-6
Foundation Drawing (Visual and Critical Studies program)
Fridays, 12-6
Required freshman drawing class for the programs listed above. Fall semester is primarily drawing from life and a crash course in the “visual world.” I love to work my drawing classes pretty hard, so be warned. Open to freshman in the above programs.

Understanding Kitsch, Art history department
Wednesdays, 12-3pm
My favorite class of all time to teach (“Under the Influence” is a very close second!). Yes, it’s a class about the history of useless, banal objects and their influence on art history. Lots of reading, but also really fun. Open to Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors, all majors.

Foundation drawing, (Honors)
Foundation drawing, (Visual and Critical Studies)
A continuation of the fall classes.

I have my work cut out for me! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these classes and I’d be happy to answer them as best I can.



  1. Andrew said,

    How much do the continuing education classes cost during the summer?

  2. amywilson said,

    i think – and i could be misunderstanding this – that my classes are $210/each. there may be some hidden “registration fee” or something i don’t know about. but also, i think alumni get some sort of discount? don’t quote me on that. but it’s worth looking into. come join us!!

  3. Andrew said,

    If I’m not in Italy, I’ll definitely take your under the influence class. I wanted to take it this year, but you know how hard it is to make everything fit just the way you want it to.

    BTW, did you see the show up at Postmasters about the most attractive avatars on Second Life? I just heard about it and am not sure if it’s still up or not… but it sounds right up your alley.

  4. amywilson said,

    that would be great if you can join us!

    funny enough, i didn’t see the show at postmasters, but i saw the SL version of the same show!

  5. bryan said,

    This is how I feel when I start looking at these watercolors. They give me so many ideas!

    Obviously, I play the part of Justin’s overheated brain.

  6. bryan said,

    And then you would be Zippy.

  7. Darren said,

    A great web blog thanks for this info. I will tell a few friends about this site as its a great read.

  8. Art education resources, links, etc « working said,

    […] course, for classes – especially summer ones!! – check out classes I’m teaching here. All my summer courses are still open to enrollment and they’re not that expensive (the […]

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