Various updates (new drawing, job stuff, etc)

April 15, 2007 at 9:41 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, personal, teaching, thoughts)

Good lord. I’ve been off of this blog for a week, but it feels like a year.

First things first: I have a new drawing. It’s the biggest drawing I’ve done in ages, coming in around 22 x 30. (Yes, I know – that’s not that big. But for me? It’s HUGE!) It’s watercolor, pencil and collage… a lot of collage:


As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. I’ll try and post some better pics in a day or two, which might help things.

I was away for a couple of days, primarily at the University of Delaware, although I managed to squeeze a quick trip to Philly in there somehow. My friend Tiffany teaches at UofD and invited me there to speak to the students. It’s a grueling trip to make from NJ, even for a one-time visit – how she manages to do it twice a week I will never know.

Almost immediately after walking in the door from my trip, I somehow came across a job listing for a position at a graduate school in Philadelphia. This was really strange indeed, as I had just been sitting on the train, thinking, “Ok, see – I could do the trip from Philly to NJ every week, no problem. But NJ to DE? No fucking way.” I had also just spent most of the day musing on how nice Philly is and how I’d really like to spend more time there.

The position would allow me to continue at SVA while still checking out a new city and seeing what’s going on at another school (with a different philosophy, outlook, etc) – all really exciting things. It only requires that faculty members go down there a few times a semester, which is totally doable. I got Tom and Suzanne’s blessing to apply for it and this evening, I did. Keep your fingers crossed. I really hope I get it.

Tomorrow… more about the art tour! And the Second Life book! Stay tuned!! I’m back!!! 🙂



  1. Andrew said,

    Very exciting new piece! It’s lovely! It reminds me of these “four season” carvings my mom used to have when I was a kid. You kind of had to read them like a comic book, moving from one section to the next to realize what they were about. My favorite “passage” in it is the tree with the girl in front of it in between the flowers and the house. Very nice.

    Oh! Good luck with the Philly job. It’s a great town and a lot of new and interesting ideas are brewing out there. Good luck!

  2. rachelcreative said,

    You’re back! Hope you’re better. The drawing looks great. Lots going on – my eye keeps moving around and finding different things. And I like that the paper is still white – kind of makes the drawings punchy and binds it together. In my unknowledgeable opinion 🙂

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