New drawing/new project (4/26/07)

April 27, 2007 at 12:53 pm (art, culture, drawing, painting, postcard series)

I’ve been hiding from the rain by hunkering down in my studio all morning, listening to Putumayo Radio, which may actually have just crossed the line and become a little too crunchy for even my tastes. I swear the host just said: Coming up next on our playlist, a song about the Costa Rican coral reefs…, leading me to think it might be time to switch to a different channel.

Anyway. Yesterday I managed to make off with about a hundred postcards from one of those kiosks (you know, the kind like at the entrance to the Barnes and Noble bathroom on 6th ave) that popped up like mushrooms all over the city a few years ago. I’ve found that if you gesso and then put an absorbent ground on them, they are a terrific surface on which to paint/draw. They’re very durable, they don’t warp, and they handle the paint extremely well. And I love the idea of having a hundred or so new drawings. And they’re the perfect size to make a little book based on them.

So I’m prepping a bunch of them today. And, also, finishing some that I started a few days ago. Here’s the first:


The image in the background, in case it isn’t clear, is a drawing of a Valie Export performance, so this is in a weird way a bit of a return to my museum series (at least for now).

Back to prepping…



  1. Andrew said,

    What a cool idea. The postcard kiosks will never be full again and I will know exactly why.

  2. Shalimar said,

    That is a great idea. I might have to steal it… sorry. *hides*

  3. amywilson said,

    seriously – go for it. they’re a great surface to work on. you have to gesso them and then put down a ground if you want to do watercolor. even with several coats of a ground, the watercolor takes forever to dry. but i like the way they’re turning out!

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