Postcard series (05/19/07)

May 19, 2007 at 10:58 am (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, postcard series)


Ok, this one probably needs a bit of an explanation…
About a year ago (I think?) a friend of ours was in town and really wanted to go see David Blaine encased in a water-filled bubble, which was one of his endurance performances he was doing for some TV special. As I’m the kind of person who loves to see, say, Vito Acconci bite himself or Chris Burden nailed to a car, I must have seemed like the absolutely perfect companion for this trip… and yet somehow, I wasn’t. I was totally horrified and grossed out by the spectacle of Blaine floating in this bubble and all of us gathered around to gawk at him. People brought their kids and were posing for snapshots with Blaine’s floating body. It bothered the hell out of me.

Anyway, I have started but never completed several drawings about it before I did this one and I doubt that the completion of this drawing means that I’ve exhausted this as a possible subject for future drawings. It was just that damn awful. Yuck. (Oh, I couldn’t even bear to link to Blaine’s official website above. The link for his name goes to some guy who bought the leftover water from the performance/cry-for-help on ebay and is now attempting to resell it. Double yuck. But somehow linking to that was preferable than feeding the egomachine that is Blaine himself…)


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  1. Andrew said,

    I don’t watch TV but I must have been passing through a store or somewhere that I would come in contact with one and they were showing his hands. Talk about pug-nasty. It was absolutely disgusting. They were peeling and shedding and were all shurken and swollen and white and decaying. Double, triple yuck.

    Afterwards, I came to the conclusion that mermaids had to have a different kind of skin than human skin in their human parts. They wouldn’t be able to survive if they didn’t have a different kind. Another example of just how fragile we all are.

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