Last round, for now.

June 3, 2007 at 1:04 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, personal, thoughts)

Holy crap, it’s actually finished! At least for now…


Ok, I know – it probably doesn’t look that different than the version below. But believe me, the devil is in the details and doing this last round of little bits and pieces on it was pretty killer.

It will undergo a few minor revisions up until it gets put in a frame. For one, I tried a variety of different ways to hinge it, only to come to the conclusion that I really can’t hinge it – at least in a way that’s not damaging and undoable and all those things that hinging is supposed to be. I can’t roll it, because of all the collage (rolling it would weaken the adhesive and cause the collaged bits – which are damn near all of it – to fall off). So my only other option if I ever want this thing to leave my apartment ever (and I really started to think I was hovering in Jay DeFeo territory there for a moment) is for me to keep it in three panels… for now. Once I get it to a framer, I can assemble it there and do the delicate task of joining the little bits that stretch over two panels. Or that’s the plan.

I also might tinker a bit here and there with parts of it, but I want to wait for now. I’ve done nothing but stare at this thing for a solid week and I have the sense it might be done… just want to go with that for a bit so I don’t overwork it. I’m about to go into our bedroom, take it down and wrap it up and hide it for a week… then take it out and see what I think and see if it’s really done.

But for now, I’m exhausted.



  1. Andrew said,


  2. kim!!! said,

    hip hip hip hip!!!!
    more big drawings in the future, you think?
    i have that Jay DeFeo book her estate people sent me last year, so good.
    they’ll be digging paintings out of your apartment walls in no time.

  3. amywilson said,

    yep, i scribbled down some notes for new large drawings while i was on the train today… i just need some new paper and i am all set!

  4. kurt said,

    jesus christ, amy. this is actually kinda like something i was doing tonight. lots of watercoloring around tiny figures. very annoying and tedious. BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT.

  5. ducly said,

    very nice drawing and it didn’t kill you

  6. alison said,

    AWESOME! don’t you dare make me scan that!!

  7. rachelcreative said,

    Wow! Just beautiful.

  8. balm said,

    nice piece amy! Just so you know we (balm) are having another gathering on June 30th. I know you are a ways a way, but you are welcome. We just got back from a gathering in St. Paul, MN at 12 am on Sunday. I am worn out. It was a good time though. The main concept of the gathering was about the value of the work of our hands and to call out what was already within the artist. It was awesome. darin & shannon

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