New drawing (6/25)

June 25, 2007 at 12:35 pm (blogging, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, personal)

Actually, I lie. This drawing was done a couple of weeks ago…


I know, it’s taken me forever to update this thing. I think, in general, that it will be slow around here til September, with sporadic updating if that. Not that I’m taking the summer off, oh no. I’ve actually just been working on some things that are just taking longer than my work normally does and, because it is summer, I will admit to working at a slightly slower pace than usual. The work is taking longer, I am moving slower, and that equals the blog not being updated. So it goes.

I’m playing around with artist’s books (including popups), stop-motion animation, and building somewhat complex objects. I’ll keep you updated when there’s actually more to report. But yes, I’m alive! 🙂


1 Comment

  1. kimsielbeck said,

    yummmm stop motion! ive been meaning to try this as well,
    glad you are alive!

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