A quiz (sort of)

June 30, 2007 at 10:10 am (art, blogging, culture, interesting, life, personal, thoughts)

I’m pretty obsessed with myspace quizzes. Have you seen these things? Someone somewhere comes up with twenty or thirty questions generally on the topic of things like “what’s your favorite day of the year” or “who did you last send a text message to.” These quizzes circulate amongst friends who take turns filling them out and posting them to their myspace blogs (or as bulletins) when they’re drunk, bored, or avoiding doing something else. I’m as guilty as the next person; I fill them out all the time. They are meaningless, empty entertainment in which you get to reveal just the tiniest bit of yourself… but not really.

However, I’ve been wondering about the potential of these things. If this quiz can take on a life of its own and wander around the web, drawing confessions out of strangers, couldn’t it also be adjusted so that it’s actually a form of either written or performance art or a conceptual art piece (depending, I suppose, on how you look at it)?

So, here’s my first stab at doing just that. Take a look, let me know what you think. And of course, by all means, feel free to fill it out.

What is your first memory of swimming?
What is your first memory of being lost?
What is your first memory of being in a forest?

Do fish have feelings?
Do plants have feelings?
Do bugs have feelings?

What was the last lie you told?
Are there lies you believe in even though you know they’re lies?
Were you lied to as a child?
If yes, do you forgive the person who lied to you?

Have you ever punched someone?
Have you ever wanted to be punched?

Do you have an imaginary friend?
Have you ever felt that there is an exact replica of you, somewhere on earth?
Do you still play “pretend”?

Have you ever had a profound spiritual experience?
Have you ever experienced incredible, transcendent beauty?
Have you ever had either experience as a result of viewing a work of art?
How do you feel when you stand in front of a famous painting?
How do you feel when you stand in front of a work of art that you love?
Which is more beautiful – the most beautiful painting in the world or the most beautiful garden in the world?
Do you have a deep, spiritual connection to very specific works of art?

Is there an object in your home you believe is endowed with special powers?
Do you know that this isn’t true and yet you believe it anyway?

Do you believe there are ideas that are worth physically fighting for to protect?
Do you think you will ever be called upon to fight for your beliefs?
Have you ever stood up for someone or something because you felt utterly compelled to?
Have you ever made sacrifices because it was the morally right thing to do?
Do you believe in the existence of any moral absolutes?
Have you ever wanted to take on the suffering of another person to spare them the pain?

What was the last news story to deeply affect you?
How did you react?
When you hear about the war in Iraq, how do you feel?
Have you ever turned away from news coverage of a story you found too unpleasant to deal with?
Do you trust the American political system?
Have you ever wanted to travel to a war-torn country?
Do you know anyone who has ever fought in a war?
Have you ever seen extreme poverty?
Have you ever seen someone gravely ill?
Do you know someone who is sick now, but can’t afford treatment?
Have you ever been on welfare, food stamps or lived in public housing?
If abortion becomes illegal, what will you do?
Do you ever wonder what’s going on in Afghanistan? Or New Orleans?



  1. kurt yeah said,

    you know i just filled out the survey and then went to submit and it said error and i went back and all my answers were gone. fuckin a

  2. Andrew said,

    I filled it out on my blog. It’s Bible length.

  3. bryan said,


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