August 6, 2007 at 9:28 am (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting)

I’m in town for one more day, and then off to the Aldrich to teach a workshop. I will be there for a few days, then back again, then away again – this time next week in Vermont. And then I’m back for a whole two weeks back to back of painting. I can’t wait.

Trying to sort through all the projects I thought of over the last few weeks (which I couldn’t get to because of my teaching schedule) has been really hard. One of the things I’ve settled on is that I really want to make another self-published book (of the or variety) but, after many tries, I wasn’t really happy with just the idea of reproducing pre-existing drawings. My initial idea was to make it a “best of” kind of book with just pictures of drawings from the last year or so, but after playing around with it I decided that this was… boring, to say the least. Print-on-demand books have a specific aesthetic to them, one that isn’t exactly condusive to reproducing delicate works on paper. But they do look terrific for photos. So…

Mix that challenge in with my attempts earlier this summer at stop-motion animation, and you have my latest idea, one based on a project I did with the pre-college kids. I am making dioramas of my drawings – basically, 3-d “scenes” – and photographing them. It’s the photographs that will eventually be turned into the POD book. I have to refine my story a bit and see how exactly I’m going to incorporate text – two things I haven’t figured out yet – but I’m happy with the initial test shots, one of which is here:


I’m thrilled with, if nothing more, having found a really weird new way to make work.

Anyway, these are all just thoughts right now and nothing is totally set in stone. But I like where this experiment is going.



  1. bryan said,

    will you have time to play with light to set scenes? can’t wait to see what happens here.

  2. Andrew said,

    I love this one. It’s great. It gives your pieces a real depth. Yum!

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