Sketchbook drawing (11/26/07)

November 26, 2007 at 11:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I tried to capture in this drawing this strange thing that happened last night. It’s happened to me before, but I would pretend that it didn’t; for some reason, I’m really into embracing it right now.



  1. martin said,

    this is weird. i like it.

  2. carol es said,

    that thing happens to me all the time.

    i love your work by the way. i think we might be tapping into some of the same neighborhoods in that odd universe off 6th street.

  3. Andrew Thornton said,

    It’s like the crown chakra and stuff. Cool.

  4. AndrewG said,

    Through my experience, I have felt the same warm light. Personally, it was Love from a higher Divine power or my Crown Chakra opening up to allow the Light and Love to be received. When asleep our mind goes into the subsconscious or superconscious mode and then our Soul allows for our own Higher Self to be healed along with the Mental and Body aspects. 🙂

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