Watercolor drawing of performance group 0100101110101101.org re-enacting Chris Burden’s “Shoot” in Second Life

December 9, 2007 at 11:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Funny… one of the things I’ll remember most from this year’s ABMB festivities is that it is definitely the year that Second Life “broke” – meaning, I never got over being surprised at just how much art there was around made in or about SL. It kind of has me rethinking my relationship to the drawings I’ve been doing based on SL* which, up until now, I’ve considered to have such a tiny audience of people who understand what the heck is up with them, that I shouldn’t even take them all that seriously. Now, I feel a little differently – maybe there’s enough people working with imagery from the game to make it actually the kind of thing you can have a viable conversation about which, to me, is the most interesting thing about art anyway (the conversation it generates, I mean). I don’t know. I’m thinking about it.

*Ok, so: I’m too tired to remember how much of the project I’ve detailed here, but – I’ve been making these watercolors based on scenes from SL which I then upload back into the game and show and sell within the game. Of course, I also show and sell them in real life as well. And also, in real life I made a book of all the watercolors and then I made a “virtual” version of the book as well, which is also being sold in SL. Got it? I barely do. But it all relates to these ideas I’ve been having about images and reflections and nature and identity and so forth.


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