Art Lies article

December 12, 2007 at 9:26 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting)

Art Lies has a nice article out this month by Jason Hill and Aram Moshayedi featuring pictures by me. Check it out!

(Ah, yeah: I said “pictures”… not so sure if they’re art really or not. Are they art? Illustration? Journalism? Huh? I have no idea.)


  1. martin said,

    i like those pictures… i’d be happy to be considered for an xtra long term no-interest “payment plan” for one of them.

    congratulations on being in that magazine.

    ps – maybe i altready mentioned this to you, but i spoke with the mass moca pr person, at the buchel motion hearing, she had seen those pictures (i think through my previous link) and was into them. she brought you up.

  2. martin said,

    hadn’t read the article when i commented earlier… but now i’ve finished it… wow! double congratulations.

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