Three variations on the theme of revolution (an update at long last!)

January 9, 2008 at 6:52 pm (art, blog, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, sculpture, thoughts)

Since this blog is a record of my works-in-progress, I sometimes feel like it becomes a final resting places for half-finished work – that somehow, I start so many projects that only a small fraction of them get done completely. I actually kind of like that about the blog, as I think it’s a good record of what I’m up to as an artist, moreso than just seeing finished work.

But anyway… remember the Rutgers print? This summer, I started a print project with the Brodsky Center at Rutgers, making a 3-d multiple with lithography and hand-working. Instead of making a flat print that hangs on the wall, I wanted to make something that you could play with – basically, like a collection of toys. We had to start out with a flat piece of paper so it could be run through the press, but the paper then gets cut and assembled into each of these different things.

We finally got it to the point where a proof was made and it’s up right now in their exhibit of new works. I went out to visit the proof today. It looks good! Kinda hard to capture it in pictures, but I’ll give it a try…


Ok, so: Ideally, the first thing you’d see is this box which, although maybe it’s not so obvious when you first see it, is actually a lithograph that’s been shaped into being a box. It has three girls on it and they are looking up in the sky and the text reads “Three Variations on the Theme of Revolution.” When you open the box…


…you see there are all these little things packed into it. Those little things are all parts of the print. These are the “directions” explaining to you how each piece “revolves”…


This is a little hand-held zoetrope that has an image inside of a bird pulling a worm out of the ground if you hold it up to your eyes just right (it does actually move!)…

This is a top that actually spins (so happy I was able to capture it in motion) and there’s a little fortune-telling game built in…

Lastly, there’s a mobile which was the one part not completely ready just yet, but you can see it in this installation shot:


So, hooray! Now the trick is that it probably won’t be til summer that it’s available. But still… it’s coming along…!!


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