New drawings (2/11/08)

February 11, 2008 at 10:36 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, painting, thoughts)

Ok, so I felt the need to reeeealllly push along the story today. Partially that’s so I finish it before I die (I think it’s going to be a really long series) and partially I’m worried I’m digging a hole for myself story-wise that I need to start fleshing out really soon. I think it’s going somewhere interesting, but the trick will be getting there. Also, while standing in front of the drawings and looking at them may make the story take a reasonable amount of time, I kinda wonder if posting them one at a time on the blog was really the best strategy… just wondering if the whole thing winds up being totally unreadable in this format.

Eh, whatever. They’re coming together as a nice series and that’s what’s really important…





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