Moving my work into storage

February 16, 2008 at 9:28 pm (Uncategorized)

Today, Jeff and I (with help from our pal Brian and his folks) moved my inventory of works from my old gallery into storage. It was unsettling (to say the least) to see all this work together in one place, left over from many years of being an artist. Given how long I worked with that space, there wasn’t all that much left (I opted for the smallest storage option they had and easily could have gotten by with less than that), but still – it’s more work than I’ve had on hand at one time in my life.

Eventually, some of it will be moved off to my new gallery. But some of it, also, will go into my personal collection – which is weird and emotional for me, as I’ve never had a personal collection of my own artwork. I’ve been working so hard for so many years just to keep up with everything I had to do – working, teaching, drawing, etc – that I never really had time to just make a piece for myself, get it framed, and put it aside in a nice place in my apartment and have it unfold itself to me over months and years. I’m seeing this opportunity as my big chance. I’m really interested to see what having my own work around for me to look at and think about will do to my process.

I feel like today was one of those weird life moments – not quite up there with graduating or getting married, but close. As dorky as it sounds, I really think it represents a new beginning for me.


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