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February 20, 2008 at 9:50 pm (art, blog, culture, drawing, interesting, other sites to see, painting, thoughts)

I don’t usually read The Brooklyn Rail (mostly because it’s a rare day indeed when I go to Brooklyn, so I admit I sort of dismissed it just because of the name… which was maybe a mistake on my part), but Jeff has had it around and has been talking about its really good art-writing, so I gave it a try tonight. I was reading Graham T. Beck’s excellent article on artist’s assistants when I noticed that across the spread from that article was one by Sharon Butler. My thought process went:

Sharon Butler… Sharon Butler… so familiar… how do I know her?
Oh yeah! She’s the woman that does Two Coats of Paint. Cool!
Oh wait – she mentions me in this article!

It was a cool thing to come across randomly and, since she mentions the multiples I was giving out in Miami, that reminds me: If you’re one of the people who is hankering (hankering?) for a free multiple as described in the post somewhat below, you have to email me your address so I can send it to you! If you’re an SVAer, I can just hand it to you, but otherwise let me know a physical address to mail it off to.

Thank you for the mention, Sharon! Congrats on your article.



  1. Andrew Thornton said,

    I love the Brooklyn Rail!

    I think the writing is actually pretty awesome. The publisher is pretty darn brilliant.

  2. amywilson said,

    Is it my imagination or did they grow from a really small, simple publication really only focusing on Brooklyn galleries to the really impressive format that they currently have in what seems like overnight? (Sorry for that run-on – I just woke up.) Overnight might = “ten years” just because the last decade has zoomed by, but I’m just wondering if I’m confusing them with another publication.

  3. twocoatsofpaint said,


    I meant to send you a note about the article, but I forgot. I’m glad you finally saw it. And, yes, The Rail is a great publication. It started out ten years ago as a two-sided xerox distributed on the L train, and thanks to lots of grants and funding, has grown into a huge tabloid-size monthly. One the best things about it is that the entire journal can be read online each month, unlike other art mags that only post a few articles.

    All the best,
    Sharon @ two coats of paint

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