February 24, 2008 at 11:53 pm (art, blog, books, culture, drawing, interesting, painting, personal, thoughts)

So, only a few days left to let me know your address if you want some free multiples! Email me your snail mail and I will send you art. Here’s some disjointed history about the project:

In 2005, I started making these little multiples (and I mean little – most can be held in the palm of your hand) to give out for free to friends and people I would meet at art fairs. It’s been this fun little practice of mine, but I’ve always had in the back of my head that it would be cool to give the extras to a little bookshop or giftshop to sell for some small amount of money – like $3 or $5, depending on the item. I would actually like to just give them out for free, but there is something about free things that make people grabby… I like to give them away when I’m in a one on one situation, but if I just left them out for free I fear that people would take them without really knowing why they were taking them… and then they’d just end up in the garbage. Charging some minor amount would weed out people who really don’t care, leaving behind something very affordable for those who do. Or so my theory goes. Of course, charging also helps cover the cost, although most of them cost more than $3/each to make… but it’s a start.

Below is a rather incomplete archive of the multiples I’ve made during this time and the whole reason why I’m posting them is this:

Do you know of an indie bookstore/museum giftshop/etc that would be interested in taking some of these? I am editioning a whole bunch more tomorrow and will then have a whole slew of new inventory. Do you – if you’re a particularly fantastic and connected reader of this blog – know of anyone you can forward this page to, to see if they’d be interested in taking a few on consignment? (Yep, I know about Printed Matter, but I don’t know anyone there… do you?)

Anyway, I’m open to all ideas. Here are some pictures…

I did this one back in 2006 for the Armory Fair. What you get is this little folded piece with a golden string tying it shut.

When you open it…
…this is what you get – it’s a two-sided accordion-fold homemade digital print. I’m pretty sure I still have a bunch of these left.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is this:
Wow, I forgot all about this one. Jeff had this in his little personal collection and seeing it was a complete surprise. I made it in 2005 near Christmas time – I think initially I wanted to give them away as Christmas presents (ie, it’s one of the few not made in conjuction with an art fair) but then I decided it was just too damn depressing. It involves all this text from Reagan’s obituary and the final words of death row inmates. Not very Christmas-y!

I’m not really sure what happened to them, but I don’t think I have any more (I may not have editioned all that many to begin with).

This is Honey to Ashes:
This was really the first one that I made. It was also done in 2005, but this was to correspond with the Miami art fairs. I thought they were all long gone (and way too much trouble to re-edition) but when I got my work back from the gallery, they included a stash of these. So, yay. Here’s (sort of) what it looks like inside:

The magnifying glass is really just a prop – it’s from a party supply store and is the kind you give to kids.

I made this for the Miami fairs in 2006:
Ok, it takes a little explaining: The box is an Altoids box that is covered in glitter and in the center, there is a felt globe. Inside (or spread out before it in this picture) is a banner made out of felt that spells “nowhere.” You’re supposed to hang it on your window to signal that what happens outside isn’t important (ie, it’s nowhere), but what happens inside is everything.

I made maybe ten of these and they are long gone. I’d really like to do something with Altoids boxes again, if I can ever score a slew.

I posted about this one before, so just really quick:
This is from this last round of Miami fairs. It’s a mini-homemade catalog of my postcard series and it also comes with a magnifying glass (I designed it this way thinking that Honey to Ashes was long gone, so there didn’t seem any harm in repeating myself… now I just seem like a girl who’s a little too into magnifying glasses).

Lastly, here’s another homemade catalog from this year:
Well, partially homemade, anyway. The catalog itself is from, but the covers are “digital prints with handcoloring and collage” (which is to say that I printed them from my computer, glued them together, and watercolored on top).

This is the only one I have to sell for considerably more than the others, just because the printing through Lulu, while cheap for what it is, is still much more expensive than the rest.

There’s more, but that’s a start.



  1. Andrew Thornton said,

    What about Spoonbill & Sugartown in Williamsburg?

    Or 192 Books in Chelsea?

    Or how about Ursus books?

    Or Malaprops in Asheville, NC?

    Or Art Star Gallery & Boutique in Philadelphia?

    What about the bookstore in the Chelsea Art Museum? Or at MoMA?

    Or The Bowery Poetry Club

    I’m sure there are tons of places that would happily sell your editions.

  2. amywilson said,

    Thanks for this list, Andrew.

    I guess what I really don’t understand – and need help with – is how to approach these places. Do I just send them a note and say hey, do you want some books? Is there more to it than that?

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