I felt everything was connected (2/25)…

February 25, 2008 at 11:49 am (art, blog, culture, drawing, life, painting, personal)

That’s really the theme I keep coming back to over and over til the point where it’s nearly an obsession: that everything is connected, that we are of nature, and that everything we do/think/feel affects every other living being.


I kind of mix all that up with my love/hate relationship with our humanness, our bodies, mortality, everything. It’s all just a swirl in my head that I’m trying to figure out. I sometimes feel, with all this, that I’m really lost in the woods and trying to find my way out, but maybe not too quickly… because it’s pretty nice being lost in the woods.

Good lord, did any of that make any sense??



  1. 99ppp said,

    Nothing to do,
    Nothing to finish,

    no ends looking for beginnings,
    no beginnings looking for ends,

    lost with an endless path,
    that shifts, moves, appears and reappears,

    where does it go, I do not know,
    where does it end, I do not know,

    Where do I go?
    Where will I end up?

    Does it matter? Since wherever I am,
    is the only place to be.


  2. samantha jo campen said,

    Oh my gosh Amy I love this picture. It really is amazing, and I love the theme too.

  3. sarah e ritch said,


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