Registration for 08/09

March 25, 2008 at 9:49 pm (teaching)

Yikes – I have to make this quick, but:

I’ve already gotten two questions about this subject, so…
Yes, it’s true, there are two A. Wilsons teaching at SVA. That means that you can’t just look at the reg book and see which classes A. Wilson is teaching and sign up for them and get me. Although I do hear that the other A. Wilson is pretty cool too.

My classes are:
Drawing – Honors program and Visual and Critical Studies (freshmen only, fall/spring)
Under the Influence: Altered States and Art History (fall semester, open to all)
15 Artists/15 Weeks (ok, was supposed to be fall semester but somehow got run during the spring – arghhhhhh, open to all)
Understanding Kitsch (spring, open to all)
Professional Development (spring, open to Fine Arts 4th years)

That’s it – I don’t teach a class on interpersonal behavior, the anthropology of the bible, or cross cultural relationships.

More soon – I finished my new accordion-fold book!!!!!! I’m happier with it than I have been with anything in a while. Hooray!


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