(as yet untitled) accordion-fold book

March 29, 2008 at 12:47 pm (art, books, culture, drawing, painting, personal, thoughts)

Ok, I finally got this book done and I am ridiculously pleased with it. It’s an accordion-fold and really needs to be photographed by someone better at photography than I am, but here’s more or less what it’s like:


The lower half is your standard accoridion-fold. It has my girls walking along a river and talking about secrets (by which I mean, the idea of secrets – things that are kept secret from us or that happen in a hidden way). The top half is composed of electrical wires and posts that I made out of paper. It’s incredibly delicate, with each post and wire being free-standing, cut-out collage, off of the more solid lower half.

Here it is with the first spread open:

I need to make a case for it – it doesn’t have a standard “cover” as most books do, so I want to make something to protect it and that will also act in a conceptual manner like a cover usually does. So that is one of my many tasks today…


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