Building the book, part two (first tree)

May 12, 2008 at 10:29 pm (art, culture, drawing, painting, personal) (, )

So, after assembling a bunch of little tiny parts, eventually you wind up with a large, more-or-less 3-d tree (this tree is not a flat drawing that is propped up in back, rather the shape is curved and you can actually view it from all angles) that is about 2′ tall:

Eventually, once the other four trees get put into place, a new line of text will be woven in their branches and the story will continue.

But first, I think I need to go back and rethink a few tree-related things I hadn’t really thought about before, primarily having to do with how the tree attaches to the base (which I will admit to having not thought of at all until I was standing there with this paper tree that needed to be attached to something). So that will take some figuring out, but it’s something that needs to be resolved before I just jump in and do the rest of the trees.

The plan is that I hope to have the whole “forest” part up and finished by Friday so I can move on to the next stage. I think that’s pretty doable.


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