Building the book, pt. 3: The forest

May 19, 2008 at 7:03 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, personal)

My plan all along has been to build this book such that I’m doing the hardest, most tedious parts first when – one assumes – I have the most patience and time to work on it. Oh man, I hope that’s the case, because this first big chunk of building it was pretty rough.

In brief, after piecing together what I would guess is about a couple of hundred of teeny, tiny little tabs, slots, and various other bits, we now have a forest:

The tallest tree is a little over 3′ tall which is shorter than I originally intended but, having now gone through the process of doing all this, as tall as I can feel reasonably comfortable will be stable and secure. This looks much more delicate than it actually is – I mean, it’s delicate, but if a little kid were to touch it on opening night, the whole thing won’t come crashing down (which is probably what would happen had I made the trees all the way up to 5′ as originally intended). I’m hoping this will be the only corner-cutting I’ll have to do.

So the forest gets built over the stumps and then text, in the form of yellow banners, gets placed in between the branches of the trees, revealing the next part of the story.

You have to walk all the way around it to read all the text and, also, one of the things that can’t really be seen here in these photos is that there are some tiny birds hoisting up one of the banners. (I hate to be like, “take my word for it” but photographing it just wasn’t working).

The text reads:
I was scared of it at first. This is only a normal, natural reaction, I think. This presence is something so far outside of our everyday reality – so different from what we’re taught to see. The irony of this is that the presence is all around us, all the time, yet it’s so hard to see. When I really think about it, inevitably I am led to consider the sort of spiritual questions that have been off-limits to me for so long. This is uncomfortable territory and I don’t feel as though I belong here, but I’m also not sure who does.

Ok. So first there was the text wrapping around the tree trunks (which is still visible and readable) and now there’s this new text in the branches. To get to the next layer of text, the next part of the book has to be built so that it can be revealed… and that is a job for another day.



  1. rachelcreative said,

    Wow! Amy this is fantastic!

    At some point I wonder if you can do a short piece of video showing it pop-up? I mean it works as a piece of sculpture for me but seeing as part of the book would be kind of mind blowing :o)

  2. amywilson said,

    thank you!

    and yes… I’m working on a video (at this point I’m working on it “in my mind” – but I do know it’ll be important for the documentation). It’ll be august before I get around to doing it, but I will let you know!

  3. Samanths Simpson said,

    Nice! I want tos ee the video too!

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