New drawing, 5/22 (This is how it would start…)

May 22, 2008 at 11:20 am (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life, painting, personal, thoughts, Uncategorized)

I’ve been working on a series of drawings on toned ground and, of course, the first one ready to post is the bleakest and most depressing. Naturally, it’s also my favorite drawing in a while. If it makes matters any better, the girl holding the scissors is coming to save the girl tied to the chair, not to chop her in little bits… although I definitely made that ambiguous.

The toned ground is amazing to work on – I always thought I wasn’t the kind of artist that did that sort of thing and, well, that was that. But it brings out all these different qualities of the watercolor and ink which – in my case – means it also brings out a different angle of the narrative I’m unfolding (the images drive the story and the story drives the images, back and forth like that). Just the fact that white becomes a presence rather than an absence – that’s major. Now I’m coming up with a whole bunch of new ideas…

(p.s. wow, I guess it’s something with the toned ground? but the image of this on the site is looking pretty blurry. The scan I made of it is as clean as a whistle; not sure why when it goes on the web all the sharpness is lost.)


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