Waiting for the new camera…

May 27, 2008 at 11:19 am (Uncategorized)

I worked so hard all weekend getting this one project done, with the promise to myself that I would start out today by posting it (yes, I know it’s corny – but I got all excited) and then I realized…

Oh, right. Today is the day I get to pick up the super expensive camera from school.

Our department ordered a bunch of equipment for next semester, including these cameras which are really amazing and take fantastic photos… except that since school is now out, there is no one to use them. So yay, I get to take one home for the summer and use it to take photos that are better than the ones I’ve been taking (one assumes). And it really makes a lot more sense for me to document this project that I busted my ass getting done on the really good camera which I will get later this afternoon, rather than do it on my older, cheaper model this morning.

Well, duh. Ok, more soon…


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  1. david said,

    i liked your blog… the drawings are cool

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