New drawing (We would tell each other secrets, 6/1)

June 1, 2008 at 10:04 am (art, drawing)

Just finishing up this toned-ground series… I lost a few days there to an experiment I was working on that (I think? maybe?) has ultimately failed… although if what’s between those parentheses are any indication, I don’t think the project is quite dead and buried yet. But I’m spending this morning finishing up some work that I know I can actually complete, before I just leap back into spending the rest of the day trying to figure out whether or not that other project has legs. Ah, and then tomorrow, it’s back to building the book! It was nice to take a break from it because now I’m actually eager to get back and my patience with it has been restored.

Thank you all for your kind comments about the cabin!! That was really sweet.



  1. jhonno said,

    Heyo! lovely work, but why cannot we hae a link to a larger version so we can read your text? I am confounded and frustrated, but only through my love!

  2. amywilson said,

    Haha – thank you. I know – it’s something I hear a lot of complaints about. The deal is that I am parking smaller images here with the goal of putting larger, readable images on my website and linking them… it’s just that I’ve been so busy making work I haven’t had a chance to do that second step yet. Until then, here is a similar drawing that is on flickr and is readable:
    New drawing (I thought of it in terms of escape)

    I really need to just post the pics on flickr first, blog from there, and then link it…!

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