blood everywhere!

July 27, 2008 at 5:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, not really, but I just have to share.

No sooner did I post the below, whiny post, did I decide I needed to get over myself and get back to work. I sat down and started in on this intricate piece that has been driving me crazy, setting out to cut a tiny slot for at tiny tab.

Well, something happened – I misjudged how thick the paper was and where exactly I was cutting and bam! I punched a nice-sized hole in my left hand’s pointer finger. Bastard.

Ok, but trying to look on the bright side – at least I knew what not to do now, right? So after bandaging the finger and cleaning up, I went back to work cutting the second slot. I was oh-so-careful to hold the piece in order to avoid a repeat of the last accident and… bam! A good ol’ slice down my right hand’s middle finger. And so now both my hands are bandaged:

I don’t know what’s more mortifying – that I cut myself making a tiny pop-up house or that we only have Snoopy bandaids in our medicine cabinet.

I tried to get right back to work and then realized that A. I have no dexterity with these stupid bandaids and B. I was bleeding all over this damned piece. And so, I think I’m officially calling it a night. My hands will be all healed by by Tuesday, I’m sure.


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  1. Arahan Claveau said,

    Snoopy bandaids! How cute.

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