From MOMA – a collection of anonymous photographs where the shadow of the photographer is seen.

August 1, 2008 at 9:36 am (Uncategorized)

I went back to MOMA yesterday, in an attempt to give my hand some time to heal up. Back to work today, but here’s a quick shot of my favorite thing in the whole museum right now.

It’s a collection of photos from uncredited (anonymous) photographers in which the shadow of the photographer can be seen in each photo. I think – if I understand the wall tag correctly – that the collection was put together by some random collector who thought they were neat and not someone trying to do a Conceptual art piece (am I wrong about this? I could be – let me know). There were over 90 photos there and they were all in varying states of eeriness – in some, like this one, the shadow is very pronounced and obvious; in others, you had to really look for it and it was much more subtle.

I was, and remain, completely blown away by this. Somehow there’s something there about presence and absence and how we think of ourselves as so different from each other but really we’re the same (since these were all pictures taken by random photographers but repeating the same “mistake”).

It was brilliant. The Becher show sort of left me wanting to quit art forever and then this collection left me more enthralled with it than ever before.


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