Tiny ferris wheel

August 3, 2008 at 10:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Tomorrow we take off for a few days at the beach, but before we left I wanted to do something with this tiny vitrine (maybe 5 x 5 inches?) I bought at the Container Store. I decided that I wanted to make a miniature amusement park but, in the end, all I got done tonight was the ferris wheel, which I’ve photographed next to my cat for size comparison:

Oh, face it – I’ll use any excuse to photograph Oswald. (In case you’re looking at him thinking he’s rather… strange looking… well, it’s because he has a million or so diseases. This shot gives you a nice clear look into his tumored ears, as well as a good view of his gigantic eye. Every vet we’ve ever brought him to – and believe me, there have been many – have told us he has just days to live… and yet he keeps on going, in no pain so far as we can tell, and just happy to be around anywhere there’s a lap. He is, thus, the best cat ever. As soon as he shows any sign of being in pain, we’ll put him down, but for the time being he’s really quite cool with everything.)

But I thought this was a good note to end on before taking off on a mini-vacation because it proves, if nothing else, just how badly I need to get away. See you later studio… in about three days.


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