the table…? maybe?

August 20, 2008 at 10:54 pm (Uncategorized)

After searching high and low (well, high and low within the Ikea online catalog), I think I might have found The Table for The Book:

It’s a Melltorp table, 69″ x 29 1/2″, and really cheap at $69… and I’m thinking maybe a couple of them side-by-side, lengthwise, so that it’s one long table (does that make sense?). Maybe. I have to see how heavy the legs are, but they look really simple and delicate in the picture.

I’m getting weirdly obsessed with this table situation. It’s unlike me. But there are just so many choices at Ikea… just when you think you’ve considered all that you have in front of you, you discover there’s a million other options available.

I’m reminded of visiting Russia when I was in high school (so it was full-on communist, USSR, all that stuff) and flying on Aeroflot in between cities. The unpleasant and gross flight attendant barked at me in her limited English, “Red? Green?” – probably the only English words she knew, and she was referring to the choice of beverage on the flight – did I want the disturbingly dark red beverage or the disturbingly dark green one? I don’t remember which one I chose, but I do remember that she handed me the exact opposite. It really didn’t make a difference – Soviet soda sucked, all of it – so I really didn’t complain. Plus, she was kind of scary.

Ok, I don’t want that situation either, but I just really hope the legs of this table look as nice in person as they do in the picture, so that hopefully I don’t have to start this process all over again.


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