September 18, 2008 at 9:22 am (Uncategorized)

I thought this was pretty funny… some months ago, I did a drawing based on the sunflowers here in Jersey City. My neighbors plant them on their front lawn and I’ve always found it really strange but endearing – a weird touch to a front lawn, but it’s something I’ve come to associate very closely with my neighborhood which I love.

This is the drawing… it’s up at the gallery now:

…and here’s a pic from down the street, some sunflowers in full bloom:

I was finally able to get a shot of some of them (it’s weird that they’re still blooming so late – I just took this photo last night. My favorite in the neighborhood was one that was smack in the middle of someone’s lawn and towered up about a foot taller than me, but sadly by time I had a chance to get over there with a camera, it had already shriveled down to nothing). In this case, it looks like the person in the house has planted them on either side (there’s another row that got cut off by the picture) of their driveway. Love it.


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