Guide to The Myth of Loneliness

September 29, 2008 at 8:44 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, personal)

I love making free little books to give out to people I meet; I make this a regular practice when I go to art fairs like in Miami. They can be a pain to make and cost me money, but it’s ok – I like this sort of temporary repurposing of my work as a gift rather than just a private obsession that exists in my studio.

So I was psyched to make a “Guide to The Myth of Loneliness” as part of my show up at BravinLee right now, and I must have printed out fifty or more of them that the gallery had out along with the pricelist and other info. Karin warned me that people get grabby when there’s stuff offered for free… but wow, I wasn’t really expecting them to get all that grabby. I like making homemade books to give to people who genuinely enjoy them. At the point at which I’m making homemade books to give to people who will just take them and stuff them in their bags and totally forget about them in two seconds… well, that’s less rewarding.

I haven’t figured out what to do yet. The show still has about three weeks and I would like to offer more of the guides, but I haven’t quite figured out a way to do it such that I don’t feel totally lame and like I’m offering something that people are only taking thoughtlessly. So until I do figure it out, I thought I’d experiment with this:

Those are the files you need to print out a double-sided, folded guide – exactly what I had with me during the opening and we’ve had at the gallery since. You can just print it out on plain, white paper, flip it over, and refeed it into the printer for the back. Folding it is probably pretty obvious. You can print out one or you can print out ten or however many you want, up to you. I’m not going to keep these links up here indefinitely though, so if you want one of your very own get it soon!

And if you do, let me know if you have any problems printing it, getting the file, etc. It strikes me that this might be an interesting way to make some freebies available in the future.



  1. Samanths Simpson said,

    Hey cool! Thanks!

  2. rachelcreative said,

    How about asking them for something in return for the book but not money. So they need a small interaction with you in order to get the freebie – because I think making that little connection might fliter out the grabbing-it-because-it’s-free people.

    It would have to be something that fitted in with you and how you work and interact but for instance … asking people to write one word that means hope (or fear or optimism or art or whatever you like) on a tag/label (or big sheet or anonymous slip that goes in a box) that could then be used as part of a project further down the line. And you can then always give them to other (shy) people if you want .

    Something that allows you to demonstrate your giveaway books are free but still precious.

    I remember being happy to write down my name and address in a book in return for a freebie at consumer fairs. They get a mailing list and I get free stuff :o) It’s not quite the same but maybe you can see what I mean.

    Or I could be talking nonsense of course.

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