Ideas for the Hunterdon Museum

November 9, 2008 at 7:58 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, personal)

I went to go check out the space with my friend Mary yesterday. The project seems a lot more doable now – in my head, the exhibition space was getting bigger and bigger, and the amount of work I was going to have to do was becoming more and more immense.

The Museum has a nice, homey feel to it. The space that I’m going to be in is big but not huge by any standards; it’s about the size of the first room of BravinLee, I’d guess. Throughout it are these really cool wood beams that give the room a lot of warmth and make it a little quirky.

I’m working on some new sculptures that I’ll put in, but I had the idea of making something that, if it’s not actually “site-specific” in the true sense, at least response to the space in some way. Here’s the entrance to where I’ll be:

(gallery at Hunterdon Museum)What we’re looking at is the outside of the room that the show will actually be in, and when the show is up, all these sculptures in the outside hall will be gone. But what I liked about the space was this wall that leads you to the door which leads you to the space… the space itself is contained and closed off from the rest of the museum, so I thought it would be interesting to do something where going through the doorway is like going through a transformative process that leads you to the show itself.

So I became sort of fixated on the doorway and thinking about what to do with it. My first thought was to make paper branches and pile them around the doorway so that it was like stepping into a bird’s nest or something, but as I thought about it more and more I’m not sure I liked how that worked so well. I kicked around a million other ideas (the closest fit was to make a bunch of autumn-colored leaves out of paper and cover the walls with that… but there’s already an exhibit up at the museum that makes use of this imagery, so I decided to avoid that).

What I came up with was ivy. Like, vines (made out of paper, of course) that can twist and cover the outside of the doorway and then snake their way into the space and become part of the installation. I think it will work well with that warmth and homey-ness that the space has, and there’s a nice relationship in that our home (like, our actual home) is covered with ivy.

So this is the idea I’m playing with now and I’m getting pretty excited about it! Vines and… birds. Definitely birds. Maybe some bugs. Not sure yet.


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