The house I am building that is taking forever…

December 9, 2008 at 9:34 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, life)

Something I forgot about with sculpture (which is what I technically studied in school, after all): it is made at a very different pace than drawing. As a result, this “house” project that I estimated would take me all of an afternoon to finish has now dragged on for more than a month and is still not even halfway there:

houseEach little shingle is painted, cut, and then glued on; ditto with the roof tiles and the interior. I was modeling it after a dollhouse my uncle made me when I was a kid that – I forgot! – took him something like five years to build (by the time it was done, I was basically too old to play with it).

I really do think that this will be done by the weekend – at least the part that I can do in my studio. It’s eventually going to be installed at the Hunterdon Museum as part of my show there, but much of it is going to have to be constructed on-site just since it’s all paper and it’ll be very fragile.

And after that… it’s back to the ship in the bottle… yikes!


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  1. kurt said,

    i know you majored in sculpture but i’ve never any you’ve done, so i like these crazy sculptures made of drawings.

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