A first shot…

December 30, 2008 at 12:58 am (art, culture, life, painting)

Holy cow… I never thought building a dollhouse would be so hard.

I’m building this kind of intricate dollhouse completely out of paper and white glue for an upcoming (upcoming = we install next week) show at the Hunterdon Museum and it’s only now starting to come together and show some progress, weeks into its making.

I’ll probably be done with it tomorrow. This is, as I have learned, one of the sucky things about sculpture – it’s sort of grueling, grueling, grueling, fail fail fail, giving up hope, grueling, sucks, grueling, then REALLY FUN AND CREATIVE AND GREAT AND ALL COMING TOGETHER! and then it’s done and you want to make another one. I find that drawing and animation are more of an even process, with the fun parts and the shitty parts much more neatly balanced. But I do like the potential of sculpture, what it looks like in the space, and the way that the viewer interacts with it… so I’m a little stuck for now.

Hopefully more photos soon, although it’s a bitch to photograph. Once it’s in the space, it’ll look good (I can’t even fully install it at home):

yellowwallpaperhousejpg1Ok, so – this is a shot of one room of seven in the house (not counting the attic, which will be filled with boxes). The whole house has this yellow wallpaper (the stripes and crisscrosses) covering the interior. The house is actually split in two lengthwise and the stripes are what holds it together. This is all an allusion to The Yellow Wallpaper, a short story about a woman who thinks her wallpaper is coming to life (which is eerily similar to nightmares I used to have as a kid). In this room (the image is shot through one of the windows), one of the girls casts a shadow that is covered by the wallpaper… in other rooms, plants mingle with the wallpaper, the wallpaper makes its way down stairs, and so on. There is text on the outside of the house (which, other than it being split in two, looks like a normal dollhouse – it’s blue with shingles) that relates to what’s going on, and you have to peep through the windows (with homemade curtains made on my new sewing machine!) to see what’s going on. The strips of wallpaper will wind their way through the windows and doors of the house and onto the floor of the museum, where they will look like a pretty, abstract mass (my vision is to have them trail out for some distance, like most of the gallery).

Good lord, this is hard to capture in a photograph. But trust me – it’s coming along…



  1. rachelcreative said,

    It looks amazing! i love the shadow cast against the wall of this room.

    You must have worked incredibly hard.

  2. Alanna said,

    wow i read the Yellow Wall paper two years ago. it really looks like the story. i was wondering what was your inspiration for this kind of art (with actual words)

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