First “quilt”

March 12, 2009 at 12:22 pm (art)

My work goes through different stages: there’s the huge amount of stuff that I make in my studio that never gets seen by another set of eyes; there’s the stuff that is at least interesting enough for me to post on here; there’s what then I like enough to put on my “real” website (although sometimes there’s a big lag there, only because I’m lazy about updating it); and lastly there’s what I give to the gallery to show. I save that last category for the work I’m most confident in, but I try not to sweat the other categories too much.

Anyway, had you told me that I was going to spend much of spring break working on something that was only going to make it to category #2 – post on the blog – I would have thought you were nuts. I was so itching to go and get stuff done – to get some very finished work just out there and to feel like I had really accomplished something. For better or worse, it didn’t work out that way – actually, I’m pretty ok with that, because it’s helped me to figure out so much in my own head.

So, here’s the first “quilt”:


It’s about 50″ x 35″, and I know the picture’s not the greatest, but I’m saving obsessive documentation til I do one I’m really crazy about. This one I think is ok – a good start, but not where I want the work to be just yet. For starters, I have to completely redo how I’ve been making the girls. In this piece, I made them out of simple applique, but since they are so tiny I am having a hard time getting the details I want (for instance, individual fingers, toes, and noses just sort of disappear). In the future, I’m going to experiment with making their bodies out of embroidery – their dresses might be ok as applique, but their faces need more delicacy.

The text in the word balloons is all hand-embroidered – it took a while, but not as long as you might think. In the future, I’d like to have a lot more text on a piece, more akin to the way that text is in my drawings, but I decided to stop where I was on this one. I also want to work in more layers in the future (erm, the future being later this afternoon) because I’m interested in this connection between quilting and abstraction and I think there could be some good ground to explore there.

I do really love the presence of the fabric (especially that beautiful – and very expensive!! – portrait linen that makes up the sky).
And the process is really, really fun – and the idea that I can work bigger like this is really exciting. And so, on to the next piece…



  1. james said,

    nice copter

  2. rachelcreative said,

    This is really interesting stuff. I look forward to seeing how things develop. Exciting!

  3. alexisv said,

    So it must have been after reading this, but I had a dream about a grey linen sky. Trying to stitch it in the space above me… it was rather surreal. I can’t wait to see more of these projects, I really like the idea of pieces sewn back together, and the tactile nature must be wonderful in person đŸ™‚

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