Beginning ideas of a new project

March 31, 2009 at 9:50 pm (art)

It might be the fever talking – I’m home sick (and have canceled classes for the first time due to illness ever!) and it has me laying in bed just thinking up new projects to entertain myself as I drift in and out of sleep. I thought of this idea this afternoon and just mentioned it to Jeff. I really had no idea if it was decent or not (I’m pretty delirious and out of it) but he seemed into it… and now I’m worried that when I get better I’m just going to forget it. So:

I was thinking that I wanted to create a kind of 3-d model, not unlike the pop-up book that I made for my BravinLee show or the house I made for the Hunterdon show. Basically, a three dimensional version of one of my drawings, made totally out of paper. As a starting point, think of something like Barbie’s dreamhouse – you’ve got Barbie, she’s got this house and all the furniture and clothes in it, her convertible is parked outside, etc. There’s a certain amount of control that the creators of the dreamhouse assert – you’re not “supposed” to put her sweater on upside down or put her canopy bed in the dining room – but there’s also a lot that they’re leaving up to the person who’s bought all these little individual parts.

So there’s this 3-d drawing made out of paper with all the individual parts and – since it’s one of my drawings and I’m really interested in how text and images work together – each part would have some text that is part of it. Maybe (if we go back to the idea of Barbie’s dreamhouse) if you look in the glove compartment of the convertible, there will be a message, or maybe there will be text embroidered on Barbie’s smart looking power suit. The text can be read alone and make sense, but it makes so much more sense if it’s put in the context of the other pieces in the house. Meaning, the text on the canopy of her bed will be a complete and sensical sentence, but its meaning is fuller and more complete when the bed is put next to the night stand and so you can read the text on the night stand and then the text on the bed… and then the text on the rug, etc.

Each piece is sold separately – it is technically possible to have the convertible with no Barbie, even though it’s a big question who would want that. Or maybe you like everything in the house except for the rug – well, just don’t buy it then. There is customizing that the owner of these pieces can do and omitting pieces is definitely an option.

So the project is this: a 3-d drawing with all these individual pieces that can be bought singly or as a set. Individually, the pieces would be maybe $3-$20, and the edition would be open for a short amount of time (say, three months during which time I’ll just make a piece as I sell it). People buying the pieces could set up and display as much or as little of the scene that they want and, in the process, edit the text to their liking. And – since I was thinking about Etsy anyway – I could put the whole project up on that site without announcing that it’s “art.” It would appear as just another wacky collectible, but one with a serious interior logic that unites everything.

That’s the idea. I don’t know – it might take some refining and thinking about, but right now I like it.


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  1. Andrew Thornton said,

    Listen to the fever.

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