New project

May 8, 2009 at 10:15 pm (art, culture, drawing, interesting, personal, Uncategorized)

This is brand new, just finished. I almost don’t even really want to talk about it right now, except to say that it’s one in what I anticipate will be a very many paneled series.

More info soon.

(Bah, I just noticed there’s a slight ring in the picture from where I had the embroidery hoop… which is totally annoying. It’s not in the piece itself, which is to say that the fabric is slightly indented where the hoop was, but nothing that won’t iron out. Either way, I’ll have to rephotograph this very soon. Annoying.)


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  1. Meredith said,

    This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, even if you weren’t entirely ready.

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