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June 5, 2009 at 6:09 pm (Uncategorized)

My book How Things Work (see post directly below this one) is now officially on sale. For a limited time (I have no idea how limited; I’m still figuring this stuff out) I’m selling them for $40 which includes postage and handling. The price may well go up soon, we’ll have to see how it goes.

To buy one, go here to pay for it via credit card or PayPal account. Just click on the button and then send me your shipping address and the book is yours.

Also! I wrote an FAQ based on actual questions I’ve gotten about the project. Here it is:

What the hell is this?

This is a limited edition accordion-folded book that I have made out of fabric and paper printed from my computer. Unfolded, each is about 12” x 42”. For more information, check out the post on the book.

How many are in this edition?
I have no idea. It is technically an “open” edition, although at some point I will get sick of making them and officially end the project. However many are out there in the world at that point is how big the edition is. As a ballpark: If I make 50 of them, I will be very pleased with myself. I’ll probably only make 30, if we’re being realistic.

Are these books signed?

Are they numbered?

Wow! Did you make these yourself?

Yep. For some reason, there’s this idea floating out there that I have a league of interns helping me… and I don’t. I like making stuff myself.

Is each one exactly the same as the last?
No. I made a couple of really beautiful fine art prints with Diane Villani Editions, which were carefully printed by a master printer and each one checked for irregularities and then handworked and approved by me, signed and numbered. This is a different thing entirely. With How Things Work, I zoomed them through my sewing machine and my printer as quickly as I could to make as many as possible – as a result, each one is a little different. The text is the same, the number of gears is the same, the number of stars is the same… but the exact placement is going to be a little different for each one.

The text on the one I got is slightly crooked. Can I exchange it for another one?
No. The irregularities are part of the work.

Is it archival?
Maybe, but maybe not. I have no idea. This piece, by its nature, is meant to be ephemeral. I suspect that, like most things, if you take good care of it and keep it out of the sunlight and that sort of thing, it will stick around for a long time. If you let your dog chew on it, it probably won’t last a week.

I’m your friend. Can I get one for free?
Erm, no. I often do freebie editions that I give out at art fairs – you’re always welcome to one of those. But I’m putting this out there to make a little extra money and to test my website as a place for selling low end multiples and books, so it kind of defeats the purpose if I give away a bunch for free. Sorry!

I’m your friend. Do I have to buy one? (Ok, no one has asked this, but I swear they’re thinking it.)
Good lord, no. I will not be the least bit offended if you don’t buy one.  Seriously – please don’t feel pressured to buy one unless you actually really want one.


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