Closeup of a new drawing

June 7, 2009 at 9:56 pm (art)

I’m working on a series of drawings that are quite large for me (30 x 40, or there abouts), and so they’re taking more time to do. But here’s a closeup of one I’ve been working on all afternoon:


It’s not even halfway done… what I’m doing here is layering a collage over a watercolor ground, and it’s very time consuming – but it allows me the ability to work on multiple layers in a way you can’t usually do in watercolor. The section above is small – maybe 8 x 8 inches (again, an estimate). The leaves took no time at all, but carefully cutting and pasting in those stems… well, that’s taking a while. In the end, I think this drawing is going to be rather visually complicated – for now, it’s just an all-over pattern (or the beginnings of one) but soon there will be at least a couple of other layers going on top of this one.


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